MAHR 898D retrofit

Mahr 898D – retrofit of gear tester for parallel axis gears

Machine description

The retrofit of gear tester Mahr 898D is intended for the quality inspection of spur and helical gear with diameter up to 800 mm by double flank testing method.
The machine is completely modernized including verification and adjustment of linear slides, replacement of all damaged components, replacement of original wiring and control cabinet. Also we supply new industrial computer with software for double flank inspection.

Software features

  • Double flank deviations (DIN, AGMA, ISO, BS, customer free)
  • Min, max center distance
  • Radial run out
  • Dimensions over teeth, pins, balls
  • Frequency and noise analysis
  • Statistical evaluation of batch and production quality
  • Measuring and elimination of run out of master gear from double flank results

Technical specification

Workpiece type spur, helical gear
Gear diameter, max. mm 800
Axis distance, min. – max. mm 25 – 600 s.r.o.
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