GT 200

GT 200 – profile and lead tester
for spur gears, helical gears, hob cutters and shaper cutters

Machine description

GT 200 profile and lead tester is intended for quality inspection of gears with maximum diameter 200 mm. It is full CNC machine. Measured values are profile, lead, pitch deviation, radial run out, profile modification in k-diagrams and full 3D tooth surface topography.
The gear tester can be used on shop floor, but it can also work great under laboratory conditions. It is fully computer controlled, including speed regulation and linear axis movement.
Rotary spindles are equipped with accurate bearings, with guaranteed precision better than 1 um in radial and axial run out. Gears are mounted on rotary table or clamped between centers. The movement of upper center is motor controlled. The machine bed and main parts are made of granite.
The gear tester can be also used for inspection of gear hob cutters, gear shaper cutters and milling cutters.
Measuring accuracy is 1 um according to VDI standard.

Technical specification

Workpiece type spur, helical gears, hob & shaper & milling cutters
Gear diameter, max. mm 200
Module, min. – max. mm 0,8 – 15
Shaft length, max. mm 500

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