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Geartec.cz Company entered the market in 1998 following more than 80-years tradition of manufacturing of gear machines and inspection machines in Czech Republic. Our products are new quality inspection machines form gears and second the retrofits of used gear testers. All of our new products has our own design, construction, assembly and software equipment. Since the company was founded it has been growing in size, range of supplied products and territorial scope.
Nowadays Geartec.cz is one of the most important world-wide supplier of gear inspection machines. Our experiences results from more than 120 pieces of supplied machines and from individual approach to each customer. The goal of Geartec.cz is not only to produce inspection technology, but as well to help our customers to achieve higher quality of their production.
The success in this area is proved by amount of front gear manufacturers, who use inspection machines of produced by Geartec.cz and belong to our satisfied customers. Due to the research and development of new technology we try to bring better tools for quality evaluation. Our partners in that field are universities in Czech and Germany and some of the front manufacturers of gear machines. Thanks to them we are able to test our new products during the course of development.

Geartec.cz s.r.o.
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